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Bioclean Innovation and rep-L® Antimicrobials partner together to launch a new line of bio-based antimicrobial products with extended residual protection against COVID-19

October 2020; Bioclean Innovations Inc, a Biotech startup focused on innovative antimicrobial solutions to combat disease outbreaks has partnered with rep-L® Antimicrobials, to launch a powerful but non-toxic bio-based antimicrobial product line.

Our rep-L-based disinfectants are designed to create a new methodology for addressing the infection control challenges facing the education and long-term health care sectors today. The SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic is one of an increasing number of pathogens and antibiotic-resistant infections society is facing.

Schools, universities, and care homes rely on a frequent cleaning and disinfection process which now requires more cleaning and disinfectant products and more labor while still leaving the risks of microbial transmission from contamination occurring on the surface in between disinfection cycles.

Bioclean has developed a range of products, including continuously-active disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes that can kill and protect against viruses, bacteria, and fungi for 30 days and longer, eliminating the need for frequent disinfection and providing effective, long-lasting protection on high touch surfaces and hands.

Bioclean products are made using rep-L®, a novel plant-based technology that rapidly kills microbe cells, which also prevents antimicrobial resistance. Bioclean products are scientifically tested to continuously kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and the Human Corona Virus (229E) under one minute on contact and protect most surfaces for thirty (30) days and longer.


Bioclean products are particularly suitable for use in spaces around children or the elderly, eliminating the risk of microbial transmissions with potentially contaminated surfaces and reducing pressure on school and care staff.

Mohsin Kazi, Founder of Bioclean Innovations Inc, noted that “It is an exciting partnership that brings the potential of rep-L®-based surface infection control to a practical application for the first time. Plant-based, non-toxic, and highly effective, it’s a technology that is ideal for the educational, care homes, and practically in any shared public facility. We know that it can provide effective infection control against COVID-19, of course, but also protect against a broad range of virus, bacterial and fungal transmissions.”

Bioclean products are currently undergoing approvals from Health Canada and US EPA.

You can find out more about Bioclean, its partnership with rep-L®, and the range of surface infection control solutions here.

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